Destination weddings are simply trending! It’s the little secret that many couples who are planning to wed are holding dear to. Think about taking your vows with your dearest and nearest in a jaw-dropping locale, it’s
simply fascinating.

Here are 10 reasons why destination weddings are better.

1. It involves less planning

Most destination wedding just need you to choose and book your destination, pay airfare, and show up. It’s simple, it’s amazing, and its stress free. Most resorts offer a complete destination wedding package.

2. Destination weddings are less costly

Believe it or not, destination weddings are way cheaper than a traditional wedding. Why is it so? Well, when you book a resort, be certain to get a free package particularly if you are checking in for a number of nights. Better yet, your destination wedding can be your favourite honeymoon location. This would certainly cut down the cost.

3. Only the most important people get to attend your wedding

It’s only those who are truly dear to you, those who are willing to part with their money and their time who will attend your wedding. One of the most fun thing to do with the guests you bring is put them in a Wedding Photo Booth and have them enjoy their time by wearing props and costumes and make your wedding very memorable. Its means that you will get to spend quality time with those who will be there for you even after the wedding.

4. You get to visit new and exciting locations

Lasting memories are born out of new experiences. This is the more reason why you should start your marriage in a new and exciting location. Unlike the traditional weeding, you get to visit new places, and even better with your friends and family. It’s an opportunity to visit your dream destination in the biggest day of your life.

5. An opportunity to stand out of the crowd

A destination wedding is an opportunity to do things differently. In fact, you can choose from a pristine beach, blooming garden, to a vineyard decorated with graceful antiques. The best part is that you’ve got the whole world with infinite locations to choose from.

6. A unique dress code

There is no better place to showcase your unique dress code or even break the rules of wedding dress code than in a destination wedding. It’s an opportunity to do things differently, and guess what? Your guest will definitely love it.

7. Its offers a mutual ground for the two families

No scene stealing in your wedding by either of the families because everyone is a guest. The new and exciting locale for the two families would fascinate them and lessen family drama often associated in traditional weeding.

8. You are certain of great and fabulous photos

Memories that last are captured in our photos, and more so when they are gorgeous. Be certain to get magazine-worthy photos taken at your destination weeding.

9. A memorable get together

Everyone you love will certainly be at your destination wedding. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to share and show love to them.

10. Your guest will get to save on a vacation

Most resorts offer discounted rates for guests who check in as a group. As if that is not enough, some airlines offer discounts for groups of 10 people. It’s not only you that is in for a real treat in your destination
wedding, but also your friends and family.