With each passing day the world is getting smaller in size. Therefore time is ticking for all the wanderlusts out there. If you are planning on visiting all the wonderful and mind-blowing destinations that this world has to offer, you better pack your bags and get going.

Typically, everyone visits renowned and top countries to travel either for their honeymoon or just for the sake of experiencing different places to get to know the different cultures adopted in various parts of the world. But the true adventure seekers out there will look for more places and destinations that can feed the wanderer in their soul

So let’s begin and Take a look at 3 Underrated places to visit.

Hvar, Croatia

Croatia is a country with a total population of 41 million. Talking about 2017, there are 91 professional theaters, 29 professional theaters of children whereas 56 amateur theaters are visited by a number of 1.69+ million viewers per year in Croatia.1,195 artists are hired by professional theaters. Apart from this, 47 professional ensembles, choirs and orchestras attract an annual attendance pf 317 thousand people. There are 156 cinemas with attendance exceeding 54.532 million. Croatia has 222 museums which are visited by more than 2.7 million people in 2016. Furthermore, there are 1,781 libraries in the country, containing 26.1 million volumes and 19 state achieves. Literacy rate in Croatia is 99.2% whereas primary and secondary education is free.

Hvar is a Croatian island located in the Adriatic Sea. It is best known as a summer resort whereas its highlights include the 13th century walls, a main square that is moored by the Renaissance-era Hvar cathedral. A couple of beaches are also featured by the island such as Dubovica and inland lavender fields. There are many reasons to visit this beautiful island so write it down on your bucket list!

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Puerto Viejo De Talamanca is the name of a town in the southeast Costa Rica, located on the Caribbean coast. It is known for beaches like black-sand Playa Negra and Salsa Brava surf break. There are rainforests, wetlands and mangroves in the Jaguar Rescue Center where wild cats and other animals are rehabilitated. As far as North side of this town is concerned, there is a Cahuita National Park that protects a huge coral reed and contains a shipwreck dive site.

Cape Town, Africa

Cape Town is a coastal city located in South Africa. It is the primary city and capital of the Western Cape. It was founded in 1652 and has a population of 433,688 people. As it is surrounded by natural beauty in all directions, Cape Town is remarkably one of the jewels of South Africa. It
has a climate similar to the Mediterranean. It is a must visit country if you’re looking for some adventure. We are looking at a year round destination with hot and steamy summers in the months of November to February whereas you can enjoy relaxed and comfortable winters in June-August.Apart from Table Mountains and the mesmerizing waterfront, Cape Town also has a rich history

As we have reviewed the three underrated destinations, it can be said that no place in this world is actually underrated for visiting. Each place has its own beauty and specialty. You can travel the whole world and still experience differently in each country. If you love travelling and exploring different places, you will love the above destinations and enjoy them to the fullest while taking full advantage of the many perks of being a wanderlust!