The wedding day is one of the most important hallmarks of life to most individuals, especially the women. Preparing for the big day involves meticulous planning, cooperation and coordination with various individuals, selecting the venue, accomplishing various documentary requirements and great sums of money. The most anticipated and awe-inspiring moment in every wedding is the bride, and what wedding dress she is wearing, as she walks down the aisle. Nothing is as, if not more important to a woman than looking beautiful on her wedding day.

The process of wedding dress selection is a long and tedious road. The bride-to-be must search the world for the designer she loves, a dress design she’d fall in love with and bead and lace work that she adores; accomplishing all that is no easy task. Equally as important is that the dress must fit within the bride-to-be’s budget, because the wedding dress isn’t the only purchase that she would do throughout the course of the marriage day preparation.

We want to help out all would-be brides out there that is why we compiled this list of the most trendy wedding dress designs for 2018. We believe that any bit of help goes a long way for any bride-to-be in the quest to looking her best on her wedding day.

1. Plunging Necklines

These dresses are the most suited ones for brides looking to show a bit of skin on their wedding day. Embellished with beads and lace-work to accentuate the neckline, these elegantly deep v-neck plunging dresses are the perfect mix of sexy sophistication.

This type of wedding dress is ideal for busty women who wish to show a bit of cleavage while still being elegant and sophisticated as they walk down the aisle. This type of design emphasizes the collar bone and the cleavage. As a side note, you can add sleeves and intricate lace-work to “tone
down” the provocative effect of your dress.

2. Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are one of the most modern and trendy wedding dress designs for 2018. These dresses are the perfect mix of form and function because unlike the traditional dress, this design allows for maximum movement and utmost comfort.

For the more daring bride, this can be designed with a combination of laces and nude fabrics to show-off a bit more skin while still being covered. This design could also be paired with plunging necklines and sleeves to show a bit more sass and subtle elegance. It could also be paired with an overskirt, allowing the bride to have two dresses in one.

3. Bows

Bows are a staple for every wedding dress, but in 2018, this has been taken to a whole different level. Bows are now being used and designed to become bigger and bolder accent points to wedding dresses.

Bows are being used in various areas of the 2018 wedding dress designs from front to back to shoulders, the use and effect of these bows are limitless.

If your looking for a more traditional yet edgy wedding dress, we suggest playing around with the location and structure of your wedding dress bow.

4. Split Skirts

Layering is king for 2018, and split skirts dominate the wedding dress trend. This type of wedding dress design gives of a bit of a “peek-a-boo” effect as you walk down the aisle. Nothing says sexy like a woman who looks ravishing in her dress while showing a bit of leg.

To take this design to another level, 2018 has introduced designs on the splits themselves, by adding nude fabrics and delicate patch work, we now have a dress that seems like a full skirt but leaves room for imagination.

Here are just some of the more popular wedding dress trends for 2018, there are so much more to see and explore. We suggest that every would-be-bride take time and review what they have available around them and suggest a design that incorporates the trendy 2018 designs with what they are comfortable with. All brides are beautiful and wearing the best wedding dress

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