In any retail exhibition companies must get the attention of their audience, stimulate their interest, desire and finally prompt them to take action. This article explores what companies can do to amass value as a resulting of exhibiting in business booths.

1. Ensure the booth is appealing

A booth that exhibits a strategic location, simplicity, order, neatness and is eye-catch is very important during an exhibition. The booth must also have enough space to hold exhibition participants, the booth staff and the specific exhibition. In order to have an appealing booth during the actual exhibition, it should be mapped out a few days before the exhibition.

2. Extend specials offers and discounts

Customers have a high affinity for special offers or products offered at discounts. A company should ensure it clearly highlights and posts its specials offers and discounted so that customers are aware of what to purchase to get a discount or special offer.

3. Promotional products

Nowadays, majority of companies have embraced promotional products and other gifts bearing their logos during business booths. When offering promotional products, companies have to ensure they resonate well with the target consumer. Besides, the promotional products ought to have a strong connection to the company’s brand. This is because branded promotional items are a great way to get your business name out there at a low cost. Below is a list of some of the most common promotional products to use during business booths.

Reusable bags

People require bags to accommodate every item they choose at a trade show. A company can offer its customers branded bags as a way of marketing their brand.

Electronic accessories

This is one of the promotional products that majority of customers desire. Issuing electronic accessories such as drives and mobile phone cases enables a company to stand out from competitors during demos.


As simple as they appear, they are still viable promotional products. Pens can be used for relatively extended periods of time by customers. Further, customers can transfer the pens to other people hence helping to create awareness about a company.

4. Demonstrate expertise

Participants at business booths aspire to derive value from a company. A company can achieve this by offering people vital information. For instance, a company can have a list of its top performing products and services or inform customers about its latest trends. Where the customers are from the locality in which the exhibition is taking place, a company can offer information with respect to that locality. For example, a company can inform the customers about top destinations worth visiting.

5. Engage your audience through social media

Prior to the business booth, it is important to develop a social medial marketing strategy. This strategy is necessary to enable a company to further interact with people who have been involved at their exhibition. The strategy also helps a company to woo new customers to future exhibitions.

6. Offer drinks

People who participate in companies’ exhibitions appreciate offers in form of drinks such as water. The drinks have to emphasize the brand or corporate culture of the company. The water bottles have to be labelled in line with the company’s brand. For instance, the label on the water bottles can be the company’s logo, slogan or brief information such as what the company specializes in.

In summary, demos/exhibitions in business booths give companies opportunities to attract new customers, investors and more publicity. Most importantly, it is a chance for companies to gauge the exhibition’s return on investment.

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